Your Unique Marketing Recipe
Are You Confused on What Marketing To Do To Get The Best Results For Your Business?
On Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (4pm EST / 1pm PST), Dean Mercado and Bill Baylis of Online Marketing Muscle are offering a powerful complimentary 70-Minute Marketing Training Call which will reveal a solution to one of the biggest challenges business owners face... "knowing exactly what to do to effectively market their business".

In this information-packed training call, we will cover:

How To Implement The 3 Core Purposes Of Marketing And Make Them Work For You!
The 5 Commandments To Help You Find Your Unique Marketing Recipe!
Identifying Which Marketing Strategies & Tactics Give You The Best Chance To Succeed!
Message From Dean...

"Over the past decade, I have logged well over 5000 hours coaching some of the best and brightest business owners.  In that time, I have seen and learned a lot.  One thing that has become evident though is that many of those owners were simply confused as to exactly what marketing strategies and tactics made the most sense for their business... and not knowing was a big part of what held them back!"